Sarnia Ballroom Dancing Club
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Dance Lessons

Dance Lessons Spring 2024 Session

The Spring 2024 dance lesson schedule is listed below. Lessons will start the week of March 17 and are expected to end on May 15. Includes combined, instructor-led practices on Mondays 7:30-8:45.
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Sequence Dance Practices

Sequence dance practices will continue intermittently through the Summer into Fall, as per the group's availability.
Regular sequence practice is scheduled to restart Oct. 19/23.

Sequence Dance Practice Examples:

San Telmo Tango Instruction Demo

Square Tango

Rumba 1

Susi's Waltz Passion4dancing - Learn how to dance on-line videos

Ballroom Guide - Dedicated to helping Ballroom and Latin dancers

Mambo Marina

Samba Katrina

Emmerdale Waltz

Sally Ann Cha Cha


Note that instruction and practice classes are only held when the school location is open on the day of our scheduled event. For the full year school calendar, click on Lambton Kent ELEMENTARY and SECONDARY SCHOOL YEAR CALENDAR or check our Calendar of Events page to view scheduled school closures.