Sarnia Ballroom Dancing Club
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Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking of joining, but have some questions ...

Q. Do I need a partner to join the club?
Not necessarily, however all of our ballroom dances and most of our sequence/line dances require a dance partner.

Q. Do I need to purchase a club membership to attend club events?
A club membership is required to attend dance lessons and practices. A membership is not required to attend club dances, as our dances are open to the public. Having a membership, however, will entitle you to a reduced entry fee to our dances.
A membership-year runs from September 1 to August 31 of the following year.
Membership may be purchased through the Lesson Registration Form or at our Dances.

Q. Do I need "special" dance shoes?
Not necessarily. A minimum requirement is non-marking soled shoes that do not "grip" the floor. Many members do purchase dance shoes, once they decide to continue with dancing.

Q. Where are the classes and practices held?
Classes and practices are held in school gymnasiums in Sarnia, subject to Lambton Kent District School Board approval. The times and locations will be described on the current Registration Form and Calendar of Events as confirmation of school availability is received from the School Board.

Q. When do classes start?
There are 3 class sessions per year:
Fall Session - weekly from September to November,
Winter Session - weekly from January to March,
Spring Session - weekly from March to May.
Each session will offer beginner and intermediate level dances, teaching 2 different dances at each level. The exact start dates and times, along with the specific dances to be taught, are listed on the current Registration Form and Calendar of Events

Q. Is there a fee to take the dance lessons?
Yes, there is a fee to cover payment to the instructors and insurance costs. The fee is determined by the Club Board, and is listed on the current Registration Form. Note that there is no additional fee, other than club membership, to participate in Sequence Dance lessons.

Q. Do you provide private dance lessons?
We do not arrange for private dance lessons. Please review our Dance Lessons page - hopefully you will find a session meeting your interests and timing.

Q. I have no dancing experience. Will the Beginners class be right for me?
Beginner class is intended for those who have no or very little dance experience, but would like to learn basic steps in dancing. This class provides students with basic core elements and dance steps for each dance, thus allowing the beginner dancers to be able to dance around the floor with confidence.

Q. How much dance experience do I need before signing-up for Intermediate lessons?
Intermediate class advances the beginner students knowledge by reinforcing some of the basic elements and adds new elements to their routine, thus enhancing the student’s enjoyment at dances. It is also intended for those who have some intermediate dance level knowledge and experience who wish to learn additional dance elements at the intermediate level, thus providing them with further options when dancing around the floor. Some new elements are introduced each year. Some dance style and techniques are introduced, but not emphasized. The dance instructors can also offer you advice if you're unsure.